Excerpts from the 2012 edition of Read-Lead-Learn-SUCCEED, Family Literacy’s book of student writings Our youngest “students” often draw pictures or answer questions for teachers, who write their answers.  Older children’s and adult writings may be edited, but only in for the sake of clarity.

(If no age is given, the writer is an adult.)

  About Me….by Virginia

My name is Virginia.  I have lived in Racine for 19 years.  I have 2 boys and 1 girls.  I work all week and on weekends I clean and sometime take my children out to eat and they get to pick whatever they want.  What I miss from my country is everything but there are no jobs to support my kids.  So that’s why I’m here to get a better life and be able to support my family.  My goal is to have a better life for my kids and have them continue their education and have a better life.  My favorite food is chiles rellenos.

 Spring by Wendy, age 9

                                                             S is for spring a good season

                                                                                  P is for picnics

                                                                                     R is for rainy days will come

                                                                                         I is for ice cream

                                     N is for nice weather

                          G is for grass hopper


 Why It is Important to Speak English

Is very important for the latins to learn to speak English
in US because when we apply for any job, most of the
times is better for the employer if we are bilingual than
Emmanual, Age 5we speak our own language only.  In different businesses
you could find people who don’t like immigrant people,
they attack you so, if you don’t speak any English you
can not contest against these people.

Also you will have better opportunities when there is some
position available, but some times they look for the people 
who speak very good English or both languages.  Even if 
you are the best worker if you don’t speak or understand
English they can ignore you.

Another important thing is that you will have the
opportunity to get a GED or HSED diploma for the
same reason you    will have better opportunities.  It is
important for your children too, because the children
need help always to do
homework, trips, appointments, etc.


When I grow up…
        by               Fabiola, Age 6
     Maria, age 8

I want to be a doctor.  Because you can help people
in need of help.  And give children stickers.  I can
hear people hearts beating and watching the lungs
moving up and down.  And I 
think a doctor makes
ten hundred dollars.  I would love that much money.