School Age Education at Family Literacy of Racine  provides an afterschool
program for 1st through 9th graders.  Because many come from low literacy/
low income families, the over arching goal for these children/youth is to bridge
the “achievement gap” through enrichment and skill building activities.  The
focus is on literacy and building social/emotional “assets” that keep kids learning
and growing.

 Each year middle schoolers can request what books they would read and will continue to be involved in
other planning.  The intent is to build both involvement and self confidence.
Awareness of others is a key trait for successful teens.


Family Literacy of Racine has three school age classes:

  • 1st & 2nd grade
  • 3rd & 5th grade
  • 6th9th grade and a high school student or two
  • The reading specialist works one on one or with small groups during programming.

Family Literacy of Racine’s After School Program has three main focuses:
1) Daily small group and individual reading instruction

2) Daily homework time

3) Activities that build social “assets”—learning about the
world and expressing “care”—through extended field
trips and service projects

To measure success Family Literacy now tracks attend
ance, grades, and reading levels for all children from 1st
9th grade.