The Home Visitation Program is an integral part of Family Literacy of Racine services.  

Depending upon the age of children in a family the home visitor may visit a family 5 or more times a year.

In-home Developmental Screenings:

At least two home visits are made to assess each child’s (birth-6) development.  The home visitor works with a parent in screening the child with the Ages and Stages Questionnaire. Many times both mother and father participate.  Doing the screening at home in the child’s native language allows for accurate assessment and in the process teaches parents how to assess their child’s development.
Screening materials are available in Spanish.  Results are shared with parents along with age appropriate developmental activity sheets, and a peek at what a child will need to do at the next developmental stage.  If concerns arise, children are referred to either RUSD or Racine County Opportunity Center for further evaluation.  Every year a small number of children receive special services because of concerns identified during these visits.

Setting Family Goals:

Additional home visits are done to assist parents in setting goals and evaluating progress.  Soon after entering the program, each adult fills out a “Goal Sheet” with anticipated steps, barriers, and results.  On a 2nd visit, goal sheets are revisited.  Depending upon progress made and the present situation, a goal may be kept, revised, or discarded.

Goal sheets also include a place for home visitor to document for parents concerns teachers have about children, communicate attendance records for family, and review test scores and assessments done on both parents and children.

Other Family Support:

Racine Family Literacy’s home visitor also provides translation, interpretation, advocacy and other services.