The Early Childhood Program lies at the core of Family Literacy of Racine’s mission.  The main objective is to have children enter kindergarten prepared and ready to learn.  Five and six year olds work on building a strong base of pre-reading skills.

 To accomplish this, FLR provides services to ensure children 0-6 are healthy, socially/emotionally well,and have the language andcognitive skills to succeed in life.

Early Childhood Classrooms:
1)  Birth to 2
2)  2 and 3 year olds
3)  K4/K5

Early Childhood Philosophy

Family Literacy uses several models/curriculum which supports our program services. We use a Creative Curriculum model for imaginative play, art, story, and group-time for infants/toddlers (birth-2), preschool (2-3 years old), or kindergarten (4-6 years old).

Children 3-6 years old are assessed twice a year on Child Observation Record (COR’s) to measure skills in Math/Science, Language/Literacy, and Initiative/Social Relations. These assessments help measure school readiness skills and helps Family Literacy prepare daily programming plans.

Home visitation uses Ages and Stages Developmental Questionnaires (developmental screening) at appropriate age milestones to measure appropriate developmental gains in children under 6 years old. These activities are educational and informative. Concerns identified during screening are either retested in a two months or referred to the appropriate community agency.

Parents join children frequently for family time reading together, crafts, enjoying a visitor, or