Family Literacy of Racine’s Adult Education Program provides educational instruction classes in:


  • Beginning English Language Learners (Beg,ELL)
  • Advanced English Language Learners (Adv,ELL)
  • Pre-GED
  • GED


All students are assessed on either:

  • Basic English Skills Test (BEST)
  • Test of Basic English (TABE )
Either of these tests will help determine student placement.

Students attending the ELL classes display a wide range of INCOMING abilities and backgrounds.  Many Beginning ELL students have pre-literacy skills in their native language, while almost all students in the Advanced ELL class comprehend much English and are working on becoming competent speakers and readers.

The advanced Pre-GED class serves students whose TABE (Test of Basic English) reading scores range between 4th and 6th grades.

For students for whom English is a 2nd language, the Pre-GED class is their first effort to master reading and writing skills necessary to attain a GED or higher skilled job.   Some already possess a high school degree in their native country.  Others have attained higher skills in English than they ever had in their native language.

For native English speakers the Pre-GED class provides a place to brush up on and build reading and writing skills they may have had years ago and forgotten.

For both groups the goal is to raise their reading levels to at least 7th grade, giving them a reasonable chance of attaining a GED.

Classes are taught by experienced  instructors and students’ progress is measured twice yearly.

Integrated Services:

Integrated into the adult language instruction is the family/community learning component. Adults learn about child development, how to attend parent/teacher conferences, fire safety, lead prevention, childhood asthma, household poisons, computer and the internet, nutrition, gang prevention, etc.  Trained professionals–nurses, doctors, family educators, social workers– visit to provide this information.    See
“Family/Community Learning” for more.